Book Review Policy


If you’re stopping by this page, it means that you are probably thinking about asking me to review a book.

Although I thoroughly enjoy reading and reviewing books, I often times receive a lot of review requests.  For this reason, I have decided to give you some information about my review policy why you are still in the pondering stage.

My reviews will normally be posted on this blog,, my youtube channel, and/or possibly suggested to my goodreads group.  I will also write a review for amazon.

Generally, I enjoy various types of books.  Some of my favorite are non-fiction, encouraging, political, historical, and biographical books.  I also enjoy Christian fiction and historical fiction.  I have a BA in English Language and Literature, so I am pretty open to reading almost anything.  With that in mine, I am willing to review a book if:

  • You are able to provide a review copy of the book.  This can be either an ebook/kindle copy or a hard copy of the book.
  • It has been thoroughly checked for errors ( This normally pertains to self-published books.)
  • Does not include vulgar language beyond some small meaningful statement made within the content of the story.
  • Does not include sexually explicit topics or language(I don’t read erotica)
  • Does not have to be read by a specific date (with the amount of book review requests that I have, meeting a specific date is normally not something that I able to do without the book review suffering.  I want to sit and enjoy a book, not race through it to meet a deadline, so that I can offer my honest opinion.)

If you would like the book reviewed by a certain time period, you can submit the request via email.  If I am able to meet the deadline, I will let you know.

To contact me for more information or to submit your request, please send an email to

In the email, please include the title, author, synopsis, and any other details that you feel would be pertinent to submitting your request.  This includes whether or not you will be able to provide a hard copy or an ebook/kindle copy of the book to review.  After receiving your email, I will respond within 72 hours to let you know if I have made a decision or if I further questions.

(Please note that upon sending me the book, I am assuming that you believe the book has met the criteria above.  If I begin to read it and find that it does not, I will not review it.  In that instance, I am unable to return the book, but will contact you via email to inform you of my decision.)

If you have any further questions, please contact me via email.  If sending an email is not the most convenient option for you at this time, please visit my book review contact page.  There is a form that you can fill out for your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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